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Playing Sports make your brain more efficient study say

Playing sports is one of many factors that link to our mental health.

Therefore, scientists say that the more we exercise, the more our brain be in shape.

People engaged in sports have greater ability to stabilize their lives than people that do not.

Moreover, studies have showed that they may also have a quieter and healthier nervous system.

In addition, they also become mentally healthy as the daily exercise routine make their brain functions more properly.

How Playing sports help our brain?

Researchers say that people engaged in sports have better ability to filter noise.

Moreover, this ability enables athletes to better handle information and situations than anyone else.

They also pointed out that these benefits can only occur if athletes engaged in contact sports avoid severe brain injuries.

They tested the theory by connecting two groups of athletes and non-athletes to a device that transmits speech syllables through earbuds.

Afterwards, by analyzing their brain activity, they found out that athletes had a stronger response to sound.

In addition, athletes had a strong response to sound that is related to the background noise they heard.

One notable result of this experiment was the elimination of noise filtering differences between the two groups.

Besides, they found minorities that are good at making sounds, such as musicians.

They also assume that bilinguals are most likely to be good at singling out sounds as well.

Dr. Philippe Douyon, neurologist said that sports make our brain more plastic.

However, he said that if there is a problem in our neural circuitry, we would have difficulties with attention.

In addition, those will ultimately leads to minimize the ability to determine sounds.

Therefore, scientists say that athletes can have those difficulties if they had brain injuries.

As for these kinds of injuries, undoubtedly block the connection between all their sensors in the brain.

Therefore, if you want to keep your mental health as good as it will ever be, play sports and be cautious.



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