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New Autism-Screening guide for an Earlier Diagnosis

New Autism-screening guide that proved working is now available.

It is thought to be a better approach for an earlier diagnosis for the spectrum.

New Autism-Screening guide

The American Academy of Pediatrics updated their info on how pediatricians should diagnose and treat autism.

Moreover, their guideline might be one of the greatest discoveries of the current century.

Furthermore, they ought to emphasize the importance of early screening for 18-24-month-olds who have the condition.

They also say that unfortunately the condition affects one in every fifty-nine children, which is a lot.

In addition, scientists recommend getting an early diagnosis as it will help reshape their lives while their brains are forming.

Moreover, Autism is one of the developmental disorders that scientists marked it with social interactions difficulties.

However, that is not an obstacle, but another distinctive view of the world we live in cooperatively.

More hurdles in the way

Greg Hagan, MD, chief of pediatrics at Cambridge Health Alliance says there is a mismatch between the recommendation and what we can actually deliver.

In addition, he said that he has no authority as a pediatrician to formally diagnose an autistic child.

However, that ultimately goes to a neurologist, psychologist, or even a developmental psychologist.

Therefore, Susan Hyman, the report’s lead says that they are pushing over to help pediatricians better understand the disorder.

She added that; however, they cannot for sure screen every toddler as there are some that do not have it.

Although, the ones got positive should get further evaluation even if they do not have autism.

The report does not contain new information, but it provides an important complement.

Therefore, that is for better care for children with autism, said PsyD Lee Stephanie Lee.

a licensed psychologist and interim senior director of the Autism Center at the Child Mind Institute in New York City.

Autism is not just a regular disorder nor parenting a child with autism is like playing games.

Therefore, early diagnosis and the new screening guide might be in great help to seek an early solution.



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