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Pet Dogs can reduce the risk for children of getting Schizophrenia

Pet Dogs are said to be more effective when it comes to kids’ mental health.

Moreover, growing up with them will lessen their Schizophrenia risk.

Pet Dogs and Schizophrenia

Studies show that we can avoid mental health problems when we get contact with our beloved pets.

Therefore, growing up with one will undoubtedly lead to a healthier mindset and life.

Moreover, new study showed that people with a pet dog in their home before age 13 have a decreased risk of being diagnosed of Schizophrenia.

Furthermore, the study demonstrated that it does not matter if the kid has a pet cat or dog.

However, having one of them as your pet is really crucial for reducing the risk of developing Schizophrenia.

Scientists do not know an exact reason for such a thing till now, but they ran a lot of tests to have answers.

Moreover, they pointed out that dogs have biological influence on our bodies in several ways.

For instance, other studies show that they also improve our immune stability as well as reducing the risk of asthma.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a chronic disability that mainly causes psychosis, which refers to losing touch with reality.

Therefore, its episodes can make it difficult for the patient to separate reality from unreal experiences.

Dr Dryden-Edwards said causes of schizophrenia seems complicated.

Moreover, we know that the disease cannot pass directly from parents to the children.

However, people with close family members who are mentally ill are more likely to develop the disease.

He also said “People who have abnormalities in the brain neurochemical dopamine and lower brain matter in some areas of the brain are at higher risk for developing the condition,”

Therefore, it is really hard to have complete reasons for developing it.

Moreover, we only know Schizophrenia’s definition and something else.

Thus, having a pet is more likely to be some of the possible ways to prevent a certain live damager.



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