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Australia Fires: one firefighter killed during the disaster

Australia fires is one of the year’s natural, but most aching disasters.

Moreover, experts are expecting bad weather along with New Year’s Eve.

There are a lot of fears that many houses will be gone during this terrible day in Tasmania and Victoria.

Furthermore, these unfortunate fires occurred on Monday Evening when more than 16 emergencies came out.

Victoria and Tasmania are the most affected ones with high death rates and damage during the fires.

Australia Fires and the firefighter

One firefighter during the incident died and there is more than one property will vanish after the bushfires.

Moreover, these bushfires are mostly driven by severe weather conditions that went amongst the four states.

Furthermore, the brave firefighter died when a truck rolled near Jingellic.

In addition, there are more than 10 people died during this worst bushfire in the country’s history.

Therefore, this extreme weather condition made the country experience the worst nightmare ever.

Authorities called for mass evacuations in order to lessen death rates amongst their citizens.

Thus, all Australians now are standing altogether in order to save their country and their homeland.

On the other hand, temperatures reached more than 40C in all the four states including Tasmania.

Moreover, the temperature in the state recorded more than 40.8C which is the hottest December day ever.

Firefighters suffered a lot from stronger winds while rescuing people and animals.

As in some places, it reached up to 120 km/ an hour along with some dry lightning strikes.

Therefore, the government expects for South wales to face a severe threat on New Year’s Eve.

Moreover, the most extensive fires were all occurring in East Gippsland.

Furthermore, these fires are making the new year for Australians the worst they have encountered.

However, authorities are making a lot of effort in order to reduce any possible losses.

Moreover, they also said that it is not their day as all people risked everything to save everyone.



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