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Psychological Health: MDMA to help treat some conditions

Psychological health has been a concern of a lot of psychologists.

Moreover, finding a substance that might treat some conditions is a dream comes true.

Furthermore, all scientists are working so hard in order to discover something to treat some of mental health issues.

Therefore, there is a research that made researchers believe that MDMA can help in mental health therapy.

Moreover, they said that they ran a lot of tests on mice and the results made them think that it might work.

It is like a dream comes true for them to reach for such a conclusion.

Psychological Health and MDMA

MDMA is a drug that alters the mind and is on the list of illegal drugs in the United States.

Moreover, users of that drug said that it boosted their energy and empathy as well as making them feel connected to others.

In the United States, ecstasy is on the list as a “schedule one” drug, which makes it illegal.

In addition, it is also a substance that is “currently unaccepted for medical use and easily abused.”

However, this classification comes after many psychiatrists have used the drug for therapeutic purposes.

In order to help those who struggle with communication feel more comfortable and able to talk about their problems.

Moreover, scientists from Stanford University in California

And Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York published a paper in the journal Science

Translational Medicine detailing the findings of a study they conducted in mice.

“The brain’s reward circuitry tells us something is good for our survival and propagation.

It evolved to tell us food is good when we’re hungry, water is good when we’re thirsty,

and warmth is good when we’re cold. For most of us, hanging out with friends is fun because,

over the course of our evolution, it’s promoted our survival,” explains Dr. Malenka.

However, there are still concerns regarding the drug nature as it might lead to addiction.

Therefore, scientists now are making sure that it will be safe when testing on humans.



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