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Arthritis Pain Leads to Mental Distress and Depression, study finds

Arthritis pain is commonly known to cause Mental functioning problems.

Moreover, more than 19% of adults reported having mental distress.

Furthermore, more than 32% of them have a history of depression.

Therefore, scientists say that there is definitely an association between arthritis and depression.

“People with autoimmune conditions suffer from depression,” Dr. Anca D. Askanase said,

the director of the Columbia University Lupus Center in New York and an associate professor of medicine.

He also said “Whether this depression is reactive to the stressors of the chronic condition or

a separate issue possibly related to our autoimmunity is not fully understood.”

“The incidence of mood disorders in people with autoimmune conditions seem to vary in

different studies and different disease states, and the quotes are somewhere between 15 and 40 percent,

depending on the source and the condition,” Askanase said

In addition, he added “One can infer that early diagnosis and treatment of the autoimmune

disease and the associated depression may result in better outcomes. However, these are

inferences and need to be proven [in] prospective cohort and clinical trial settings.”

Arthritis Pain and Mental issues

Some studies say that there are many factors like geography play a great role in this finding.

Moreover, the highest rates of developing mental distress was in North Carolina and New Mexico and went by 22%.

However, the lowest rates were in Hawaii, Minnesota, and North Dakota and went by 13%.

When it comes to depression, Oklahoma scored 36%, which is the highest frequency of all.

People in Kentucky and Arkansas followed Oklahoma with a high frequency as well.

In addition, the lowest rates were in Hawaii and Columbia scoring only 17%.

People Who are LGBT  have higher rates of frequent mental distress along with depression.

Moreover, they have higher rates than men and homosexuals, the study also finds.

Those rates are variable depending on the level of education as well.



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