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Chinese Visitor reported to be infected with a new strain of coronavirus

Chinese visitor was reported with a new strain of coronavirus.

Moreover, it has been linked to a pneumonia outbreak in central china.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization said that Thai officials the ones reported about the traveler.

Therefore, they hospitalized the man in Thailand with the virus.

They also added that the man comes from Wuhan, a Chinese city, but was travelling to Thailand.

However, where he comes from is most likely to have this viral epidemic affecting dozens of people.

It is said that people who went to major meat or seafood markets are the ones with the potential infection.

Therefore, the Public health Minister said it appears as the first case of the virus outside China.

Chinese Visitor and the Coronavirus

The tourist; however, is a 61-year-old woman that the Thai police officers identified here at Bangkok’s airport upon arrival.

Therefore, they isolated her at an isolation ward at a state health facility outside of Bangkok.

She no longer has any respiratory symptoms or fever, as she received a good treatment at the facility.

In addition, there are another eight people that might have the symptoms, but held immediately at the hospital.

Furthermore, World Health Organization said in a statement “The possibility of cases being

identified in other countries was not unexpected, and reinforces why WHO calls for ongoing

active monitoring and preparedness in other countries,”

“WHO reiterates that it is essential that investigations continue in China to identify the source

of this outbreak and any animal reservoirs or intermediate hosts.”

There are concerns about this particular virus as it is one of the deadly viruses.

Moreover, if any of these symptoms appeared, you must immediately go see a doctor.

Some of these symptoms are:

a) Cough and fever

b) Shortness of breath

c) chills and body aches

d) Runny nose

e) Headache

However, the disease till now has no confirmation that it might transmit by human-to-human contact.



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