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summer flu virus more dangerous than in winter

summer flu virus more dangerous than in winter

Some believe the flu season is over, but with the sudden changes in weather these days, the risk of flu infection may still be present.

But how to get infected with the summer flu virus while the atmosphere is full of excessive heat and overheating how can this happen and does summer influenza infection is normal?


How does a person get the summer flu virus?

It happens that a person gets the flu When the natural person from the cold air to the hot climate directly,

and without introductions or prepare for this and also on the contrary,

then with the rise of temperature in the summer and sit at home with air conditioning,

and graduated once in warm weather can be a large proportion of the summer flu.

Symptoms of summer flu

You can recognize that you infected with summer flu easily and its symptoms are crystal clear

You find that your temperature has started to rise significantly and start to sneeze periodically and also suffer persistent and the condition of the case of sore throat, you can not eat properly and feel upset when you eat any of the different types of foods and in the end always feel a constant fatigue in your body,

and show These symptoms one by one within a week from the beginning of the virus and then comes the process of healing naturally without any medication.

How can I protect myself from summer flu?

It is easy to take care of the clothes you wear in every season of the year correctly and also always leave the doors and outlets pass the natural air inside your room where the air conditioning works and also do not go out of the atmosphere very cold to the hot air once, but prepare yourself for this matter By operating the air conditioner for a period and then opening the ports simply and sit in order to start the air to infiltrate you naturally and do not always over-use the air conditioner.

How to differentiate between summer flu and cold

There is a great similarity between the two diseases but summer influenza has some special symptoms which can differentiate them from normal colds.

  • Summer flu is always accompanied by severe headaches

  • Feeling of constant stress and inability to move from the basics of flu symptoms

  • Sneezing, soreness and sore throat are the essentials of colds and not just flu

  • As for the high temperature when it rises significantly and strong is flu. But if it rose naturally from here remains cold.

Optimal treatment for the summer influenza case Although it ends over time naturally. It is preferable to adhere to the complete comfort at home with eating plenty of hot liquids and healthy foods.


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