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What is Bipolar disorder? Causes and Symptoms

What is Bipolar disorder? Causes and Symptoms

what does Bipolar mean?

It is a mental disorder characterized by alternating periods of gloom with periods of abnormal cheerfulness that differ from natural cheerfulness feeling being the person to lead reckless and irresponsible sometimes.

First of all diagnosed of the first case of the German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin.

So creative people, such as artists and scientists, are often more likely to be infected with this disease, there are two kinds of bipolar mood.

What is Bipolar disorder?

In this type a major depression shift with a bout of rejoicing is considered less severe than unnatural rejoicing and is believed to be the most common type in women, and the proportion of people infected with this disease is 0.5% with slight variations in the ratio between different human totals, the number of shifts in this type is more than the first type, and shifts tend to be reduced as age progresses.

There is some evidence that genetics plays a role in this kind of bipolar mood.

How to Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosis of this kind, requires a shift of grand depression with a bout of rejoicing that does not rise to an unnatural frenzy in the first type, these shifts must not be the result of bodily illness or side effects of drugs, and these seizures have affected the the social and professional life of the person, and the seven points that must be available at least 3 are the same previously mentioned with a difference in sharpness and time here is a 4-day period of sufficient diagnosis, unlike one week in the first type.

Bipolar disorder Causes

There is no specific reason for bipolar disorder, but there are factors that make a person susceptible to disease, are:

  • Genetics

Studies found that if one of the parents suffers from bipolar disorder, 25% of the children may become one of the forms of unipolar or bipolar disorder.

If both parents have bipolar disorder, this ratio rises to 50%-75%.

In the first class relatives of bipolar disorder patients, the probability of infection is about 15%.

  • Gender

Compared to depression (unipolar disorder), bipolar disorder affects men and women in almost equal proportions.

That preparedness for a bout of obsession or depression increases women in the puerperal period.

  • Age

Also Bipolar disorder may start at any age from childhood to old age.

But the average age of the first shift is the twenty-one.

  • Psychological Stress

Stress is not a cause for bipolar disorder but it is disruptive if it is ready to get bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Physical Symptoms

  • Anorexia and weight loss.

  • Sleep disorder.

  • Get up early than usual any lack of need for sleep.

  • Feeling tired.

  • Constipation.

Symptoms affecting the thinking and behavior

  • Inability to take even simple decisions.

  • Frequent crying or feeling like crying and inability.

  • Inability to Focus.

  • Get away from contacting people.

  • Inability to start or end a business.


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