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The Best Healthy Sports Drinks

The Best Healthy Sports Drinks

Many athletes wonder about healthy sports drinks.

To drink after a sporting activity or after a sporting hobby and a great effort.

After many specialists and researchers have touched on the subject, Gharift University in Australia has found that the milk drink is one of the best healthy sports drinks.


Study on Healthy Sports Drinks

Researchers at the University published the Department of Applied Physiology in the nutrition and Metabolism magazine A study of 15 male participants aged 25 years.

Interspersed with the practice of stationary cycling.

Men worked in four stages separate from each other.

And each man treated each time a different liquid from other types of milk from cow, liquid goat, soy or powder.

They took their weight each time in the test, plus blood and urine.
The study concluded that milk, specifically liquid from it.

It is one of the best beverages, containing protein and sodium, supplying energy and yrtab our bodies.

In an interview with nutrition and public health specialist about the topic she drew to the milk is a perfect

and excellent beverage for building and rejuvenating muscles.

But it is lactose-rich, which is difficult to digest from most people.

From this standpoint, it is advisable to replace it with milk.

That it is better to contain more than a glass of milk on calcium.

And mineral salts and is considered lighter on the stomach.
On the other hand, yogurt strengthens zghabrh Msaran thus strengthens immunity and helps build muscle.

We cannot consider this study only dealt with 15 people being base.

So further studies involving larger samples to verify the result.

Healthy sports drinks Vs Energy drinks

What is an energy drink?

The energy drink increases the activity temporarily and acts as a mental and physical catalyst.
Most types of energy drinks on caffeine, Turin, ansositol, a mixture of herbs

such as Guarana (another source of caffeine), and sugar.

So some species use aspartame as a substitute for sugar.

The amount of caffeine in small packaging is equivalent to a great cup of coffee.

We all know that caffeine use of mental and physical stimulation.

Which could make us believe that energy drink like coffee.

But this conclusion is not accurate.

Caffeine in energy drink interacts with the rest of the ingredients in this drink gives a multiplier effect and amplifier of caffeine on the body. I found many side effects of energy drink especially when consuming two cans of it.

These symptoms of accelerated heartbeat, insomnia, tension, stomach aches, dehydration in the body, in addition to severe fatigue after a period of consumption.

What is a healthy sports drinks?

Healthy sports drink contains no caffeine and other stimulating materials.

It is composed of water, salts and minerals.

The body compensates Healthy sports drink fluids and minerals lost in the process of sweating during prolonged athletic exercise.

It restores the balance of salts and fluids in the body to perform better and verbose.

Because of drought and lack of salts are the main underlying causes of fatigue and exhaustion in athletes.

I usually recommend taking a Healthy sports drink when you exercise for more than two hours.

Either for people who practice exercises for less than two hours to drink enough water and eat a piece of fruit like bananas.

Before or during your workout will be enough to compensate for fluids and salts in the body.

Persons who are aware of the effects of energy drink consumption and continue to recommend not to transgress encased in today to be in times of day spaced at least 3 hours.

In short, we don’t know all the effects of the consumption of energy drinks may vary from person to person but it is certain that this drink is not the best friend for your health and should be consumed in moderation.

Top three healthy sports drinks

Many nutrition and sports experts are advised by a range of beverages that can enhance health, energy and muscle at a time, and are very useful for athletes and sports practitioners, such as beverages:

1. Orange with Bourbon cherry healthy sports drink

Orange with bourbon and cherry healthy sports drink.

It helps enhance the functions of cognition, memory and enhanced immune system.

2. Coriander, lemon, apple, pear and ginger healthy sports drink

Healthy sports drink coriander, lemon, apples, pears and ginger.

A juice of fruit and warm materials, works to prevent many diseases and treat fevers.

3.Lemon, ginger and honey healthy sports drink

Healthy sports drink lemon, ginger and honey preferably before a marathon performance.

Reduces nausea, lowers blood sugar levels, and cleans up the body of toxins.


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