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Castor oil secrets in the treatment of skin, hair and body

Castor oil secrets in the treatment of skin, hair and body

Castor oil secrets is vegetable oil extracted from the age of castor seeds. It is a transparent oil that has no color, but it smells sharp.

Castor oil secrets

As for its density, it is medium, and in general it is very useful for the body. It contains a huge percentage of vitamins and minerals, plus some effective compounds, and skin cleansers.

Making it into the manufacture of various kinds of soap, shampoos, perfumes and lotions used in the treatment of skin problems. In this article we will show you the secrets of castor oil in detail.


Castor oil secrets for the skin

  • Treats sunburn, dry skin, and delays wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Treat warts that appear on the skin. It is used to relieve the pain of skin infections. By massage on the affected area.
  • Cleans the face of dirt and impurities that attach to the skin during exposure to wind, air.
  • Acne is treated because it contains ricinolic acid. It is a very important acid that prevents the growth of bacteria, and the bacteria that help in the appearance of these pills. By massage the face a small amount of it.


  • Supports skin cells, and contributes to regeneration. By a facial massage before bedtime, and wash it the next morning.
  • Unifies skin tone. Its ability to remove black spots.
  • Maintains skin moisture. Because it contains a good proportion of fatty acids that fight dryness.
  • Eliminates the effects, stains caused by acne, tightens the skin, prevents the appearance of pores and scars.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen, elastin. Which helps the appearance of the face in a healthy, beautiful appearance.

Castor oil secrets for hair


  • Contains a good proportion of vitamin E. Responsible for strengthening hair follicles, increasing its softness.
  • Increases hair gloss and moisture, and protects the scalp from harmful external influences. Such as sunlight, hair stylists, and cold air.
  • Treats hair loss and damage, and accelerates its growth.
  • Cleans the head lids and cleans them of germs, harmful microbes, and fungi that stimulate the spread of the cortex in the hair.

secrets for the body


  • Treats inflammation of the joints and muscles. By massaging body organs on a daily basis.
  • Treatment of superficial superficial tumors. For its ability to regenerate, rebuild cells of the body.
  • Prevents constipation; its ability to stimulate the digestive system. Mixed with a tablespoon of orange juice, with a teaspoon of lemon juice, cranberries, peaches, a small spoon of castor oil, eat the mixture.
  • It treats the skin problems, most notably the disease of “fungal tinea” which is transmitted by infection. Because it contains indiclinic acid, a very effective compound in the treatment of this problem.


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