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Treatment of Molluscum contagiosum virus

Treatment of Molluscum contagiosum virus

Firstly,Molluscum contagiosum virus is a mild skin virus, which appears in the form of a small skin rash resembling turmises, or small bumps known as mollusks.

They are usually white, or pink, or skin color.

In addition to it is shiny, smooth, and pearly appearance. It is common among children.


Information about Molluscum contagiosum virus

  • Molluscum contagiosum virus is a family virus. But it is spread in wet and warm areas or in adjacent areas.

  • Infection occurs as a result of the virus attacking a surface wound in the skin, usually showing a rash within 2 to 7 weeks of exposure.

  • Infection is common among children, as a result of direct contact between the skin and the skin of the infected person, or as a result of touching some of their saliva-contaminated instruments, such as clothing, towels, toys, bedding, etc.

  • The virus spreads from one part of the body to the other when rubbing the skin ulcers, or scratching it.

People at risk of Molluscum contagiosum virus infection

  • Athletes who have direct contact with the skin when competing with each other, such as gymnasts, wrestlers.

  • People with low immune capacity due to certain health problems, such as cancer, HIV and others.

Symptoms of the Molluscum contagiosum virus infectious

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There are some symptoms that indicate the infection of the infection, including:

the appearance of bumps on the skin, and filled with a waxy nucleus or white virus, in addition to the small head that resembles a pin,

which usually grows after several weeks, becoming as large as the size of peas, Sometimes small drowsiness is at the top of each tap,

and it must be noted that these bumps appear as one bump or bump, usually painless. But they cause inflammation, itching, swelling, and redness.

Complications of Molluscum contagiosum virus infectious

  • Skin deformity.

  • The condition becomes a secondary infection that requires antibiotic treatment.

Treatment of Molluscum contagiosum virus infectious

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Molluscum contagiosum virus infectious usually disappear on their own, ranging from 6-9 months from the date of infection, and can last up to 4 years, and may require some treatments, including:

  • Remove the infection center by pressing the bumps using forceps.

  • Disinfecting the follicles by freezing them, which knew as cryotherapy, or by scraping them with a sharp instrument.

  • Place a cream or chemical agent above it.

  • Take some medications.

Methods of prevention of infectious molluscum

  • Wash your hands with soap and water.

  • Stay away from sharing clothes or personal tools.

  • Stay away from participating in water sports.

  • Avoid touching pimples or bumps or scratching.


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