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methods of prevention rabies virus

methods of prevention rabies virus

Exposure to an attack on an animal with viral dog fever The person who is exposed to many of the risks that if not rushed to cause death, let alone wild animals in the streets.

We highlight in this article the rabies virus and symptoms of rabies and treatment and methods of prevention, and how to first aid For an infected person.


What is rabies virus? What are its symptoms?

It is a disease transmitted by the dog’s mouth and known as “Rabies”, to the blood of the person being attacked, causing this rabies virus to attack the neurons present in the person’s brain, causing encephalitis.

Symptoms of rabies virus

  • Hyperactivity or laziness.

  • Paralysis of the muscles of swallowing.

  • The cognitive functions of the person deteriorate, and can not be observed, and this may result in dementia.

  • Excessive hostility.

  • Air phobia Air phobia.

  • Disorders may end in death.

  • High temperature.

Causes of rabies virus

Some people wonder what is happening and dogs are deposit animals? The saliva of infected dogs contains a type of fever.

This viral fever spread on the tongue of the dog and nerve nodes in the salivary glands, and appears a week after the mouth, so doctors recommend that dogs should vaccinat with domesticated breeding.

What happens to people with rabies virus? What is its diagnosed?

as a result in,Viral fever transmitted to people who are at risk of infection, through wounds and scratches caused by the attack, and the deeper the wound, the higher the incidence of viral fever.

The doctor tests for antibodies found in the body to detect them through urine and saliva, but in general, there are no clinical tests to show the incidence of rabies, and the doctor can’t recognize rabies if there is no infection of water phobia or air.

The rabies virus incubation period lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, but sometimes lasts for more than 6 months and sometimes a year.

Animals carrying rabies virus

Not only can dogs carry this virus, but there are several animals that carry the rabies:

  • Monkeys

  • Cats

  • Foxes

  • Animal dancers or raccoons.

  • Hyena bats. According to the World Health Organization, the highest rate of rabies from bites bite has occurred to them, the highest rate in America and Canada, according to the organization.

  • All mammals generally carry rabies.

The most common categories of rabies virus infection

No one excluded from the virus, but through annual statistics, WHO recorded the highest risk of rabies among children between the ages of 4 and 15, most of whom are male, because this group is the most love For dogs and play with them.

Treatment of rabies virus

If the diagnosis of rabies confirmed, the doctor describes the following treatment:

  • Wash the infection well with water and the iodine cleanser.

  • Put disinfectants on the skin’s hideous tissues .These antiseptics and medicines are antibiotics that help eliminate the virus.

  • The doctor gives an immunosuppressive globulin to strengthen the immune system in the face of the virus.

  • Isolating the patient from rabies from the rest of the family, and isolating his food utensils, so as not to infect another person.

  • Wear gloves made of medical materials, when treating the patient.

Ways to prevent rabies virus

The most important prevention is to preserve the health of animals from viral fever, especially the animals we raise with us at home by:

  • Animals always give their own vaccines.

  • Continuous examination of domestic animals.

  • If animals bitten, they booked for one to two weeks.


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