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Get to know the treatment for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis treatment

Tuberculosis is a bacterium that infects the lungs,

and can be transmitted from one person to another by air when they sneeze people with TB,

these germs spread in the air, so the person doesn’t need to breathe a little bit of this air to infect.

TB symptoms don’t show up on patients,

because this germ can live in the body for long periods.

If the immune system is weakened,

the disease of TB is activated and the tissues of the organ you attack are damaged and dead.

It is easy to eliminate TB disease with an active and passive quality

where treatment can be given to the person who does not show any symptoms to avoid the germ becoming effective.

In the past, tuberculosis was prevalent worldwide, but with antibiotics,

his appearance gradually disappeared, but he returned again under the name of drug-resistant TB.


Symptoms of tuberculosis

Many people who suffer from tuberculosis do not have symptoms

that show the disease, especially if it is the type of latent TB that lives

in a latent way in the human body and for long periods.

If tuberculosis is of the active type and the infection is in the lungs, its symptoms are as follows:

  • A cough lasts for three weeks or more.

  • The feeling of continuous pain in the chest, especially when breathing or coughing.

  • A blood cough occurs.

  • Feeling tired and permanently fatigued.

  • Remarkably weight loss without justification.

  • Fever and chills, especially during the night.

  • Loss of appetite.


Symptoms of tuberculosis in the bones:

  • A person with TB in the bones complains of continuous pain in the back and joints.

Symptoms of tuberculosis in the brain:

  • If the patient suffers from tuberculosis in the brain,

he or she will suffer from inflammation of the disease.

Symptoms of tuberculosis in the liver and kidneys:

  • The liver and kidney tuberculosis patient suffers from disorders of purification

and filtering in the body as well as the appearance of blood in the urine.

Symptoms of tuberculosis in the heart:

  • Patients with heart disease suffer from the inability to give blood to parts of the body,

leading to many health problems.


Causes of tuberculosis

There are many causes of TB infection, such as:

  • Bacterial infection transmitted through the air.

  • Weakened immune system in the human body.

  • TB can go back to the infected.

  • Smoking and drinking.

  • Eating contaminated foods.

  • Use of medications that affect immunity and weaken them.

  • People with heart disease and diabetes are prone to tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis treatment

The doctor examines the patient well to determine the degree to which TB disease has reached

and imaging the lungs so that he can diagnose the condition.

After diagnosing the patient’s condition,

the doctor will give him appropriate medications,

anti-bacterial injections and antibiotics to eliminate TB disease.

The treatment methods also have personal hygiene and home cleaning,

especially the sleeping areas.

You must isolate the patient from his or her family

Dietary tools are allocated to patients so that the infection is not transmitted,

and keep away from touching the things he touches.


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