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This meal is brain fuel for your child

Be familiar with brain fuel such as types of a meal of it, it beyond the importance of eating breakfast, foods rich in carbohydrates and its effects on student activity.

Which meal is considered brain fuel?

The body in the morning needs a strong boost of energy to start work after the night rest.

Here comes the importance of breakfast, which serves as brain fuel

German nutritionist Harald Zamites said people who leave their homes in the morning without breakfast

often suffer from lack of concentration. Also, not eating breakfast makes you vulnerable to severe hunger attacks.

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Why is a Healthy Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The importance of eating foods rich in carbohydrates 

For her part, German nutrition expert Gabriel Graf stressed the importance of supplying the body with nutrients and vitamins at the beginning of the day.

For this purpose, breakfast should contain carbohydrate-rich foods because it provides energy to the body at both short and medium levels.

Carbohydrates can be obtained from regular bread.

Especially whole grain bread, because it serves to prolong the feeling of satiety.

And the milk drink mixed with bananas and oats.

Bread can eat with butter or cold meat.

Fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, yoghurt and fresh cheese are ideal supplements.

German nutritionist Margaret Murlo also pointed to the possibility of eating coffee, tea, juice or water.

While breakfast should not eat sweets and cakes.

Although they supply the body with energy, they contain little or no vitamins or minerals.

However, healthy breakfast may contain some sweetness.

For example, whole-grain bread can be eaten with cream of hazelnut or corn flakes with fresh fruit pieces.

Experts recommend people who do not want to eat any food in the morning, at least trying to drink any drink.

Such as fruit juice, milk or cocoa. Here, Murlo takes one side of the conversation again to show that the fluids give the body enough energy and nutrients for a good start during the day.

Also, people who do not feel hungry in the morning or do not have an appetite for food.

Take some food for later.

Taking into account that the late breakfast also contains fruits, vegetables and yoghurt.

The importance of brain fuel meal for student activity

Breakfast is very important for children and pupils.

You have to know how to eat Dates for breakfast to keep healthy.

Students who take the brain-fuel meal regularly are more active and responsive and do not feel tired very quickly.

A research team from the University of Cardiff in Wales conducted a study of 3,000 students between the ages of 9 and 11 years.

Said that children who regularly eat the brain-fuel meal have increased their performance over their peers, who neglect it.

Graf advises that the child should have a home breakfast and a different breakfast in nursery school or school to get a full brain meal during the day.

In conclusion, experts agree that breakfast is the brain’s most important meal during the day.

Confirmation of the old saying: “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”

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