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The Difference Between Left Brain VS Right Brain

The Difference Between Left Brain VS Right Brain

What’s The Difference Between Left Brain VS Right Brain?

Many studies suggest that the brain is divided into two halves, so that each hemisphere performs a specific set of tasks,

So the brain halves exchange information as in the sensors through the thick corpuscles between them.

To learn more about the difference between the right and left brain, just follow this post

Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?

The Difference Between The Left and Right Brain

As a result of studies on the right brain and left brain.

Scientists can confirm that the right brain controls the muscles of the left part of the body,

while the left brain controls the muscles of the right part of the body.

Left Brain Function

But every half has a different role in a person’s life.

The left brain is considered the master of language as it analyzes what a person hears.

It handles most speaking tasks. It is also responsible for the implementation of mathematical calculations and logic as well.

Right Brain Function

The right brain is primarily responsible for spatial abilities, facial recognition and music.

It does some calculations, but it’s just comparisons and approximations.

The right brain also helps us perceive visual imaging and makes what we see meaningful.

It also has a role in language, especially in the interpretation of texts and voices of people.

Left Brain Vs Right Brain Education


As for what is said and is also common in many people that this person is right

or left brain or was using his right hand to write or was left more uses and preferences of the brain is much more complicated than

just left to right.

A key point

A key point is that the brain carefully balances specific functions for each side, allocating tasks to maximize efficiency.

Especially as most people use the right hand controlled by the left brain, while picking up the ball with the left hand.

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