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How to pass your drug test with Home Remedies

How to pass your drug test with Home Remedies

Did you happen what you did not expect and asked you to prepare for a drug test in a matter of weeks

or days or even a few hours from now and you are still under anesthetic?

Do not worry – depending on the type of drug and the test – many home recipes can improve the chance of passing the test.

Understand the basics of drug testing before you experience home remedies

1- Be aware of the basic facts about drug testing

Drug testing is usually required during recruitment procedures.

In the United States, for example, the law compels some government agencies to conduct drug tests,

while private companies have greater freedom to choose whether to conduct them.

Drug tests measure the presence of the active substance of the drug,

or the presence of one of the results of its metabolism (the chemicals that are produced in the body

because of the reactions that occur to the drug).

Often, these tests track the effects of these chemicals in urine, blood (or other body fluids).

  1. There are many testing methods available to business owners, who can choose how accurate the test is.

  2. The basic test in the United States measures the presence of the five common types of drugs:

  • For amphetamines (amphetamine, methamphetamine and ecstasy).

  • Cocaine (powder and crack)

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis and marijuana)

  • Opioids (opium, heroin, morphine and codeine)

  • Phenicyclidine (dust of angels or BCB)

2. However, employers sometimes conduct tests to detect other drugs.

Drug detection tests may become costly for business owners, and the more drugs the tests reveal, the greater the cost.

Companies that employ many employees do not usually use comprehensive tests, which may cost more than $ 100.

3. The best way – of course – to improve the chances of passing the test is to stay away from drug use as much as possible before the test period.

2- Know your legal rights

Ironically, the law protects the rights of alcohol and drug users when they apply for jobs.

There are two provisions in American law dealing with this issue:

  • This law prohibits the employer from requesting a drug examination from the applicant unless

there is a clear presentation of a specific job. Since it is not necessary for each applicant to get a job offer, this reduces the chances of having to take the test.

  • In addition, the Act prohibits employers from withholding employment offers based on alcohol test results.

  • The Act also notes that employers must not discriminate between applicants because of past problems related to drug abuse.

  • So you can rest assured that employers will not be able to use your past against you, but they can still refuse you if you prove you are still taking drugs.

3- You need to know the “time range” of the drug you are using

There are many test methods employed by business owners.

The most common ones are blood and urine tests.

Each test has a time zone in which to detect the presence of the drug.

Home Remedies To Pass Drug Tests

Recipes for urine test

1- Get some help from your friends

With the exception of a court order, the employer can not normally force you to take a urine sample in front of him.

This gives you the opportunity to practice the safest and most effective way to bypass the urine test:

using a sample of a friend who does not take drugs.

  • Keep the sample fresh. If you do not intend to use it for two or three days, keep it in the fridge.

  • Be sure to return the sample to the body temperature before delivery.

  • The best way to do this is to keep the sample close to your body for a few hours before delivery.

  • Try to put it in a bag that is attached to your thigh so you can easily remove it.

  • If you are a lady, you can keep a Condom airtight.

  • So you can puncture your nails easily and confidentially to remove the sample.

2- Use an artificial substitute for urine

Many artificial alternatives to urine are sold online, in the form of liquid or powder.

These alternatives are manufactured in laboratories, usually used after being warmed

and stored in a small bottle and placed instead of your natural urine sample.

This trick can be easily detected if the laboratory performs additional tests to make sure, use it carefully.

3- Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water before the test days or the same day is a common recipe.

It is said that the water expels the effects of the drug from the urine, but this is often incorrect,

and more precisely that may lead to a reduction in the concentration of chemicals in the urine,

and since the tests are the presence of these chemicals in urine as little as possible evidence of abuse, Fully reliable.

  • Be aware that many tests now measure the results of creatine metabolism in the urine (which is found in the urine naturally),

  • if proven that the proportion of urine in less than normal, will be accused of trying to reduce the urine sample.

  • To overcome this, eat plenty of red meat or creatine powder for 3 days before the test.

  • This will help increase your creatine level in Polk and will keep you suspicious.

  • Biting urine tests take into account the sample color.

  • If the sample is too bright, it is suspected to be dilute.

  • While the sample that tends more to yellowing will look more natural.

  • Try to take 50-100 milligrams of vitamin B2 or vitamin B12 before the test for an hour or two.

  • This will help make the sample more yellow.

  • Beware of over-drinking water.

  • Excessive intake of water can lead to water poisoning, a serious condition that can lead to death.

  • Tired of your feeling, and when I felt tired of drinking stopped immediately.

4- Food and sports

  • If you are taking marijuana and you are fat, losing some fat will increase your chances of passing the drug test.

  • The metabolites of the active substance in cannabis (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are stored in the body’s fatty cells.

  • Therefore, the length of time in which exposure can be detected is greater for obese people.

  • The higher the fat content of the body, the greater the period in which the drug can be discovered.

  • Therefore, the elimination of body fat may give cannabis users – in the long term – a better chance of passing the drug test.

  • If you will be tested in the near future, do not try to starve yourself in the hope of improving your chances of passing it.

  • Losing weight requires a lot of time, and the amount of fat needed to get rid of the effect on the results is impossible to lose in a week or two.

  • There is no need for misery without reason.

5- Try taking diuretics, such as cranberry juice.

  • Diuretics are substances that stimulate urination. Some claim that diuretics help “cleanse” the body of the effects of drugs,

but this claim is not supported by scientific proof.

  • In this case, it is best to use diuretics with the aforementioned dilution trick.

  • Coffee, herbal tea, iced tea and beer are all common diuretics.

How to Pass a Drug Test or Urine test for a Job

Recipes for blood testing

1- Be aware of the timing of blood tests

Blood tests usually measure the presence of the same drug in the blood, not its metabolites, so its duration is very short.

The blood test is usually used immediately after an accident to determine if a person is under anesthetic

  • Blood tests conducted after accidents always look for the presence of alcohol, which can only be detected in the blood for a day or less.

  • So the best way to bypass the blood test is to stay away from drugs and alcohol for a day or two before the test.

  • This is the period that most types of drugs take to disappear from the blood.

  • Blood tests are the highest cost among drug tests, and for this reason – in addition to short term time

  • – it is unlikely that you will be asked for a blood test while you are applying for a job.

2- Know that the blood test is often accompanied by urine test

A blood test is then used to show alcohol or drug abuse at the time of the test,

while a test is used to show abuse in the per-test period.

How to pass your drug test with Home Remedies
How to pass your drug test with Home Remedies

3- Learn about the difference between different coping methods

Drug abuse is sometimes done in more than one way, and this affects the possibility of detecting the drug in the blood.

The active ingredient in cannabis (Tetrahydrocannabinol) jumps in the blood to very high levels

within an hour of cannabis smoking, but if cannabis is eaten, the active ingredient will appear in

the blood at a lower concentration and speed.

The maximum concentration will then appear after 4 hours

  • In general, faster-acting methods (such as inhalation, smoking, and injections) make

  • the concentration of the drug in the blood appear faster and with greater concentration than

  • the “slowest” methods, such as oral therapy.

  • Knowing this, you can avoid long-acting methods in the days before you take the test.

4- Consider using one of the available prescription recipes, knowing their potential risks.

Many herbal recipes available for sale online claim that they can “purify” the blood and improve the chances of passing the test.

These claims are, of course, not supported by scientific evidence. You can try one of these recipes but do not expect certain results.

Home herbal recipes suffer from the same problem: there is no scientific evidence for their effectiveness.

In addition they are made at home, which means they may be non-pure and undisciplined dose.

Be very careful as you use such recipes.

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