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Hair Care Secrets

Hair Care Secrets

Elegant, glossy, healthy, fertile and beautiful hair is the dream of every one of us.

I will convey some of the secrets that will help you to care for hair especially in the summer and to keep your scalp healthy and simple vitality does not cost you time and effort.

Hair Care Secrets
Hair Care Secrets

Hair feeding:

Eat grains and nuts:

Cereals, nuts, omega-3, proteins, fish, green leaves, beans,

and other vegetables are very good for hair.

  It strengthens hair fibers and gives it a healthy and beautiful look.

By contrast, a diet can cause massive hair loss.

Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, such as zinc or biotin or proteins, can lead to hair loss.

Use warm water for hair:

Hot water cleans the scalp of the fat accumulated on it and cleaned.

  But at the same time these fats give the luster and sparkle to the hair.

So the solution here is to use warm water.

  Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water and massage your scalp gently.

Fix hair edges by eating protein:

Hairstyles, hair dye, lightening hair color, sun exposure, curls, all may lead to hair damage.

To maintain hair follicles and prevent them from damage,

it is recommended to use hair preparations that contain proteins as they penetrate

the depth of hair and prevent bombardment.

Cut the edges of the hair with scissors.

Reduce the temperature of the hair dryer:

When we go to buy a hair dryer, we always want to buy the strongest hair dryer and energy to dry the hair quickly.

But in fact, the more powerful the hair dryer, the more hair becomes harmful

A very low power dryer may lose a few precious minutes in the morning but will reduce your hair damage.

Use hair dye free of ammonia:

Hair dye is recommended with light hair dyes that contain as little chemical as possible so as not to cause damage.

As we grow older and with the appearance of white hair, hair dye becomes one of the most common activities, increasing hair damage.

It is recommended to use a dye that keeps the hair healthy.

If you dye your hair, use a dyed hair shampoo.

Protect the hair from the sun:

Before leaving home, it is recommended to use hair preparations that contain a high level of sun protection SPF.

Massage the scalp:

It makes the hair healthier.

Massage your scalp for a few minutes a day increases the blood

circulation activity of the head to improve the luster and vitality of the hair.

Get your hair wet before going to the pool or sea:

Wet hair absorbs less chemicals and salts than dry hair.

Even before entering the water in the sea or in the swimming pool

It is recommended to moisturize hair and then insert it or use a sea hat.

Use olive oil:

Olive oil is very useful for hair and its most important benefits:

Treatment of hair loss.

Strengthen hair roots.

Treatment to prevent dandruff.

Nourishing mask for hair.


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