How to be healthy

Dental health Care

Dental health Care

Dental care is one of the most important things to do with dental and periodontal diseases

can have a negative reflection on the safety of organs of the body,

through the probability of the passage of bacteria to the circulatory system especially

when the diseases of the teeth and gums or in the absence of oral and dental hygiene.

So we have to care about the health of the mouth and teeth so that we do not have diseases

 White teeth give us a good impression on body health

Types of teeth

Types of Dental cutters:

 It consists of 8 teeth and is located in the front of the mouth there is in each jaw 4 cutters,

and the tasks of these cutters chopping food so it facilitates digestion.

Front molars:

 8 molars in each jaw 4 hurt X.

It is the task of these molars to grind the food well.

Rear molars:

12 sprocket in each jaw 6 molars and one of the largest size teeth and the tasks of these molars grind

and chew the food well before the arrival of the stomach.

Oral and dental diseases

Tooth decay:

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world and affects different ages of humans.

It is a tooth rot that causes a gradual deterioration of the age-old solids,

resulting in a hole in the surface and appearing as dark black spots.

Causes of tooth decay:

Do not clean the teeth after each meal and accumulate leftovers on the teeth especially

sugars eating foods rich in sugars and not brushing teeth and putty that leads

to bacteria and acids and enzymes that cause erosion of the solid layers of the tooth.

Prevention of tooth decay:

Brushing teeth every day brushing and toothpaste three times.

Immediately go to the dentist when we observe tooth decay or when we feel pain or inflammation of the gums.

Dental health Care
Dental health Care


The gums are the adenoids that surround the teeth and are more susceptible

to infection due to the accumulation of food residues in the mouth Causing damage.

Symptoms of gingivitis:

Bleeding in the gums when they are in friction simply changes the color of the gums from pink

to dark red and this indicates a defect in them.

Treatment of gingivitis:

Keep your mouth and teeth clean, especially before going to sleep.

Also consult your physician in case of pain or inflammation to be treated with appropriate treatment.   

Mouth odor

Bad breath odors occur as a result of tooth decay, gingivitis or bacterial proliferation on the tongue.

Treatment of the smell of mouth:

To get rid of foul mouth odors, treat tooth decay and treat gum disease.

Take care to clean mouth, tongue and use toothbrush and toothpaste after each meal.

Health of the tongue

The health of the tongue is considered a healthy body. If the tongue is pink,

this indicates that the blood circulation is intact and I am a healthy body,

either if the tongue is pale in color and is an indication of a defect in the body and the blood must be examined.

The tongue is caused by the lack of hygiene of the mouth and teeth that lead to the accumulation of bacteria from which the bad breath is emitted.

Yellowing of the teeth:

The color of the teeth varies from white to any yellow or brown color or the appearance of brown patches on the teeth.

This occurs due to several reasons:

Constant smoking and chewing tobacco products.

Do not clean teeth with toothpaste and brush after eating.

Calcium accumulates around the tooth causing damage and yellowing of the tooth.

The use of some antibiotics (tetracycline), which is known to affect the color of teeth.

Nutrition and its impact on oral and dental health :

You must follow a good nutritional plan  that benefits your teeth and body

The most important nutrients that benefit the teeth are:

Protein: helps protein to form teeth, children who do not get enough protein and suffer from malnutrition,

are more prone to tooth decay,

There is protein in fish, chicken and beans, and these foods contain high percentages of iron, magnesium and zinc,

which helps to build teeth and bones.

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Calcium and vitamin D: promotes teeth and bones, and is found in low-fat dairy products,

and calcium can also exist in vegetables with dark leaves such as beans.

Vitamin A: There is vitamin A in carrots, oranges, vegetables and potatoes.

And Vitamin B: Vitamin B is very necessary to maintain gum tissue and is found in leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C: Helps keep the tissues of the gums in good health, and is found in lemon and citrus fruits.

Fluoride: Located in toothpaste protects the tooth enamel, making it difficult to break, this reduces the risk of tooth decay.


Do not overeat foods that contain sugars and carbohydrates

 Because many of them negatively affect the health of the teeth sugars

and carbohydrates are working to release harmful acids that harm the teeth,

and lead to decay and diseases of the gums,

Sticky foods that melt slowly may cause damage because they stay in your mouth for a longer time,

As well as gaseous substances containing caffeine may cause damage to the exponent

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