virus infection

The most famous of virus diseases

virus diseases

Definition about virus diseases:

Virus is very small organism SO , we could not see it except under the microscope .

Virus disease enters body and support diseased cells to reproduce.


The scientist said about virus in a clear definition:


 Above all , The virus or ting organism have to find in a people with the disease,

do not find in people who do not have a disease.

 in addition ,  The virus should have the ability to cultivate tissue or other specimens.


Types of virus diseases:


Fever viral.


Common cold.


Respiratory syncytial virus infection.


Adenovirus infection.


Parainfluenza virus infection.


Severe acute respiratory syndrom




Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS).


Human papillomavirus (HPV).


Infectious mononucleosis.


Mumps, measles and rubella.




 The first is Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu).


 The second  is Viral hepatitis.


The third is  Viral meningitis.


The forth  is Viral pneumonia.


-in addation , Virus diseases is an infectious diseases and infection usually transmit to the


human body by infection and multiplies within the body.


Viral diseases are the opposite of bacterial diseases.


 firstly , it is difficult to cure vial diseases by antibiotics.


  secondly , The infection of viral diseases causes the disease some time and

then disappears. 


  thirdly, Sometimes it attacks the immune system in humans and then heals.


Virus diseases also have severe complications:


An example of bacterial pneumonia or serious bacterial infections. Complications usually come to


children, older people or those with chronic disease.


We will take about three types of viral diseases:


1-Hepatitis c


  firstly,  you must to know about hepatitis C


 It  is different from hepatitis A or B.


 ABOVE ALL, Hepatitis C  is very contagious, and it  is the most dangerous types .so you


must to know more information about it .


 As a result ,The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that people with viral


hepatitis c number 71,000,000.


 in  addition , Symptoms and complications of acute hepatitis increase in less than a



Hepatitis C symptoms:




-Dark urine.


Loss of appetite.


-Abdominal pain or discomfort.


Infection method:spread through Viral diseases transmitted by blood,




Sharing needles.


Blood transfusions.


Organ transplants.


Used needles.


Hepatitis C tests:


   FIRSTLY , Detect the presence of this virus in the infected body,


It’s not easy, you have to obey the doctor’s orders.


  BUT sometimes  The doctor performs a number of tests in the blood.


Hepatitis C  visits a liver that  detect  .so,  it also effect on liver function.


Treatment of hepatitis C:


 However , Sometimes the injured do not need treatment,expect if there are methods to

treatment :


 the immune system is resisting and the doctor is going to do tests only on the liver



 in addtion , There are two ways to cure.


Treatment via viral injections or antiretroviral therapy as needed and doctor’s orders.


2- Viral Fever


If the body temperature rises above 37, It called fever.


Symptoms of a viral fever:










Pains in muscles.


Causes of viral fever:


Breathing or coughing someone close to you.


Food or drink contaminated with viruses.


Insect bite is a virus carrier.


Drinking fluids from an infected person.


Treatment  of viral fever:


Taking a lukewarm bath.


Drink plenty of liquids to compensate for the loss of sweating.

 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


It called SARS, It is one of the most dangerous types of virus .


Symptoms of SARS:




Night sweats.




Sore throat.




Dry cough.


Cause of SARS:


firstly, SARS often comes from respiratory problems and destruction.


secondly, It results in complications if the patient has another chronic disease.


Diagnostic of SARS:


At first of the disease, no obvious methods of diagnosis are appearance .


Blood sample is a method to discover the (SARS ).


Then x-rays or CT.


Treatment of SARS:


  • firstly , There is no specific treatment for all people in the treatment of the SARS virus.


 secondly, There are anti-retroviral drugs to reduce swelling.


-in some cases , you need to use a plasma blood .


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