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How do you check your own blood pressure?

How do you check your own blood pressure?

Circulatory strain is one of the four noteworthy indispensable signs, the others being pulse, breathing rate, and body temperature.

 These indispensable signs can help give a general thought of how well the body and its organs are performing.

Changes in an individual’s crucial signs can show a hidden medical issue or a need to make way of life changes.

What is blood pressure?

Circulation stress gives alerts about how your heart is doing to draw blood through your supply routes.

It is one of the four essential signs of the

. Other key signs are:

 heart rate

Body temperature

Respiratory rate

Key signs help show how successful your body is.

  If the mark is too high or too low, this indicates that something may not be right for your health.

How to measure blood pressure?

   blood pressure is measured by a blood pressure device(Sphygmomanometer)

The blood pressure gauge contains an inflatable rubber strap manually or electronically.

The Sphygmomanometer measurement unit is the mercury millimeter.

The normal rate of blood pressure measurement is that of 120/80 millimeters of mercury.

 How do you check your own blood pressure

How do you check your own blood pressure

Causes of high blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Stress

  • Fear

  •  Plaque buildup in the arteries

Checking the blood pressure manually

The blood pressure gauge may need to help someone else by following these steps:

The bracelet is wrapped on the arm and the blower is compressed to inflate the tape.

We increase the pressure and in the meantime the pressure device is monitored.

The tape is inflated so that the pressure rises by approximately 30 mmhg

Above normal blood pressure.

The medical handset is then placed inside the bracelet.

The air is slowly emptied from the bracelet until the heartbeat is heard.

Reading is recorded when the heartbeat is heard, because it expresses systolic blood pressure.

The air will then continue to be discharged until the pulse sound disappears permanently,

 The visible reading is recorded on the measurement device at the moment the pulse sound stops,

 This reading indicates diastolic blood pressure, so the previous two readings indicate the blood pressure rate at that person.

Tips when measuring blood pressure

Do not smoke or have caffeinated beverages such as: coffee and tea.

Sit quietly before the test begins.

When measuring blood pressure you must sit in a chair, so that the feet are on the ground and the arm at the heart level.

It is advisable to avoid talking while measuring blood pressure.

It is advisable to measure blood pressure twice while ensuring a interval between them.

If there is a noticeable difference between the two readings, the reading should take a third time.

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