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How to lower blood pressure naturally?        

How to lower blood pressure naturally?        

blood pressure is a disease that many people in the world are exposed to.

 This is due to obesity, nervous tension or frequent stress and work without rest.

The percentage of landfill pressure in mercury is measured by the measurement of your blood pressure called Sphygmomanometer.

After the injury, the infected person does not know what to do specifically to get rid of this altitude because it is a risk to the health of the brain,

 and its persistence may affect the patient with a stroke

so you know in this article how to reduce blood pressure by natural means, beverages, foods and aerobics.

How to reduce blood pressure with foods

There are many foods that reduce blood pressure such as:

Fruits that contain a high proportion of amino acids that help reduce blood pressure such as: bananas, melons, kiwi.

Foods that contain dietary fibers and vitamins help to reduce high blood such as: raisins, oranges and melons.

You should also eat foods that reduce cholesterol such as: low fat dairy products or fat free.

Take care to eat whole grains such as:

Oatmeal, brown rice, chickpeas and wheat.

Stay away from drinks that contain a high percentage of caffeine such as:

Coffee, tea and Nescafe

Avoid salt intake because it contains sodium that increases blood pressure by 2 to 8 mmhg.

Try to get as far away from the soft drinks as possible to increase the hypertension.

Foods rich in sugars like sweets because they increase high blood pressure.

Eat nuts, such as peanuts, pistachios and cashew nuts, because they help balance blood pressure.

 Eating soy products, such as soy cheese and soy milk;

 It contains isoflavones which is a dietary supplement, and its benefits reduce blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure naturally
How to lower blood pressure naturally

Lowering blood with natural beverages

There are many drinks that work to lower blood pressure.

Examples of these beverages are:

Milk:  to contain calcium and potassium which is useful in the expansion of arteries and blood vessels

 and blood flow to the body which helps to lower blood pressure.

Green tea:  because it contains antioxidants which helps balance blood pressure.

Hibiscus Cold: A popular beverage that lowers blood pressure.

Hot chocolate and cocoa:  also work to lower blood pressure rate.

Lowering blood pressure with exercise

Exercise activates the blood circulation.

Examples of this exercise are:          

Breathing regulation exercises must be practiced for 30 minutes a day.

Exercise measuring physical effort with breathing.

Walk fast the right way for half an hour a day.

Also perform basketball and football exercises and bike rides.

In addition to other exercises such as swimming, Zomba and rope jumping.

How to lower blood pressure naturally
How to lower blood pressure naturally

Natural Ways To Help Lower Blood Pressure

It is necessary to follow a diet that helps to lose weight.

Refrain from smoking because smoking increases hypertension.

Try listening to the quiet music that helps you relax.

Join yoga classes to help you get out of stress and emotional stress.


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