Drug abuse and addiction

get to know side effects for hashish

hashish side effects

Hashish is the dried part that is collected from the flower of the cannabis plant.

It became available as something important in life,

and many people use it to escape their problems and the worries of life.

There is a difference between cannabis and marijuana,

although they are made of the same cannabis plant,

and there are a lot of countries that analyze cannabis and deprive marijuana like the city of North Korea.

Marijuana contains a substance that reduces the growth of cancer cells in the liver, reduces the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, improves the health of the lungs,

reduces seizures and reduces the feeling of depression.


Symptoms of cannabis addiction

  • Firstly, Cannabis is a psychological addiction, not a physical addiction, as it causes hallucinations.

  • Secondly, Increases the ability of the five senses.

  • Feeling happy and laughing for the most trivial reasons.

  • If the user increases the dose it alters the feeling of happiness to the feeling of sadness and nervousness.

  • The weed opens up the appetite, especially the desserts.

  • Increased heart rate.

  • Inability to perceive time and place.

  • It causes some chest infections.

  • Causes disturbances in the menstrual cycle in women.

  • He used cannabis in World War II to remove information from prisoners.


The effect of hashish on the brain

The brain spreads 400 of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant.

but in certain areas such as basal nodes, hypocampas and cerebellum.

There is no chemical stem cannabis in the brain,

which makes it not affect the functions of the heart and the respiratory system.


Physiological effect

The effect of cannabis is shown after taking it directly,

and lasts from two to four hours in which the user feels happy and cheerful,

but this feeling continues temporarily.

Other effects appear as inability to perceive or move but last long and maybe 12 hours.


Cannabis addiction Treatment

it treats like any kind of drug by:

  • Firstly, Stop taking Weed.

  • Above all, The patient needs his family to support him to keep going.

  • Secondly, Treat the addict in the addiction centers,

and follow him out of the center.

  • Third, Practice addicted to exercise to compensate for the lost body.

  • Subjecting an addict to a healthy diet.

  • Strengthening the religious faith of the addict so as not to go back to addiction again.

  • Depression medications are used to treat addiction if it concerns psychological problems.

  • The need to help the addict to overcome the withdrawal symptoms

by encouraging him and increasing his self confidence.


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