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Low blood pressure “hypotension”

Low blood pressure “hypotension”

Low blood pressure is less dangerous than high blood pressure.

But abnormally low blood pressure can cause fainting and dizziness.

In some cases, human life may be threatened.

Low blood pressure is the one that registers reading less than 90/60.

Where most diseases occur when hypertension.

Low blood pressure may sometimes be beneficial, as it reduces the risk of developing certain diseases such as:

Heart, atherosclerosis, stroke.

Symptoms of low blood pressure


Feeling dizzy


Blurred vision


Loss of focus

If you suffer from a frequent drop in blood pressure, you should review your doctor.

Causes of low blood pressure

  • Nerve-related diseases that control the blood vessels of the legs.

  • Diabetes

  • Severe diseases cause blood loss from the body.

  • Taking large doses of high blood pressure medications especially diuretics.

  • Pregnancy especially in the early stages.

  • Diseases of the adrenal gland.

  • Serious injuries that lead to loss of blood and fluids from the body.

  • Aging as the arteries become less resilient .

Types of hypotension

hypotension, or postural hypertension:

A sharp drop in blood pressure occurs when standing from a sitting position or when standing after lying down.

Low blood pressure after eating:

This sudden decline often affects the elderly.

Blood is consistent with the digestive tract after eating, and the body balances this process by increasing the heart rate and arresting blood vessels to maintain normal blood pressure.

But some people fail with this process and this leads to a sense of vertigo.

Low blood pressure due to error in brain signals:

Standing for long periods causes a disturbance that works on low blood pressure.

Often affects young people and children, and this disorder occurs as a result of poor communication between the heart and the brain.

Low blood pressure due to nervous system damage:

is a slow harm to the autonomic sensory system.

Controls automatic capacities, for example, circulatory strain, pulse, breathing and processing.

It is joined by a hypertension when resting.

Tips for low blood pressure patients

Try to drink salt water, but watch out for excess salt so it does not lead to a reverse result.

Hot chocolate and coffee to contain caffeine can temporarily lift blood pressure.

Raisins are very effective in raising blood pressure naturally,

You can put a small amount of raisins in the water all night, and eat raisins in the morning with the water in which the raisins are also placed.

Licorice juice is a natural home remedy that helps to treat low blood pressure.

Rosemary is a herb that stimulates the nervous system and improves circulatory process and is beneficial in the treatment of low blood pressure.

Drinking beet juice is very useful to improve your body in case of low blood pressure.

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