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How to strengthen memory and focus?

How to strengthen memory and focus?

Many of us sometimes suffer from forgetfulness and do not remember many things, for example: mobile phone site, keys, or even passwords used in certain places

Here are some ways to help you increase memory and increase focus:

Learn how to remember:

One memory expert talks that everything we see or think about reminds us of something related to it that makes it permanent in our minds so if you are always forgetting names, there are some rules that make it easier for you to remember them:

  1. When someone makes sure you’ve heard his name

  2. Try spelling the name in your head and if you are not sure which letters you can ask for.

  3. Place a well-known tag to remind you by name, such as linking the name to an event.

  4. Use the person’s name frequently when talking to him

  5. Try to remember the name and you are depositing the person.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep plays an important role in resting the brain and strengthening memory

  And helps in the arrangement and compilation and arrangement of all information that occurred during the day,

  Including things needed tomorrow, memories and others.

Playing sports:

Motor activity helps to increase blood flow throughout the body including the brain.

This will help you keep your mind alert and strengthen your memory.

If you do not have time to do sports fully during the week, try at least a 10 minute walk during your day.

Make friends and connect constantly:

Social communication with people greatly helps to avoid symptoms of depression or stress, both of which help in poor memory performance.

Part of your time is always dedicated to connecting with your close friends, friends and anyone who feels comfortable communicating with them, especially if you live alone to strengthen your memory and improve your mental state.

If you are invited to any event you meet with friends like going out or lunch, do not think about the lack of time.

Do this because it has positive effects on your health and your memory.

Organize your time and your business:

You will most likely forget things if your home is in a mess and your notes are not organized.

You can customize a blog that only targets writing tasks, appointments, things you need in this blog, calendar, or even your Smartphone calendar.

It may be strange but try to say that the tasks you record with a voice you hear help fix it and strengthen memory.

Food and its effect on memory improvement:

If you are suffering from a lack of concentration and inability to remember the most important daily work that you must do, or cannot remember important events, or not

  You can complete your daily tasks with a focus:

Here is one of the most important and powerful alternative medicine that will help you completely eliminate the problem of forgetfulness and lack of concentration.


 Nuts help increase brain activity, concentration and memory.

Protect brain cells from aging factors.


Fish is rich in omega-3, and of course, this substance is one of the most important substances that help to increase activity and improve the level of concentration and increase cognitive ability and strengthen memory and protection against Alzheimer’s disease,

So take the fish or salmon once a week to get all these wonderful benefits.

Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate is rich in caffeine, such as coffee, which in turn stimulates the nervous system

the banana:

The fruits of bananas before you enter the test or exam will help you greatly focus and provide you with energy because it is rich in potassium beneficial to the brain and nervous system.


Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E and vitamin C rich in antioxidants

Which contribute to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

And increase the efficiency of the body’s immune system.

Dairy products:

It is recommended to eat a glass of milk a day because milk is rich in protein and vitamins and all the nutrients needed by the body,

They are therefore very useful for improving brain functions such as concentration and memory.

Green Tea To Increase Memory:

If you are taking a cup of coffee in the morning and need more focus in the middle of the day,

You can take a cup of green tea as an alternative to coffee, because it contains caffeine and thiamine, which helps to concentrate.


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