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Weight loss is a problem for many. Fitness is required. What do you think about losing weight in one week?

Many of us try to follow many of the regimens without interest,

  Today we will put in your hands tips to follow them and lose a lot of weight in one week and as you continue on it will lose more weight

With these tips you can lose about 3 kilos per week.

Here’s how to lose weight a week:

Calorie reduction:

Reduce the calories you consume during the day by half or three quarters This is necessary to reduce your excess weight within a week.

Drinking water:

Water plays a vital role in weight loss, and drinking water makes you feel full and your stomach is full

Drink about four liters of water a day.

This is the most important advice among all your weight loss tips per week.

 Define daily meals:

Lack of regulation in meals makes you very hungry at the next meal

Which makes you eat too much, you may eat excess quantity

We recommend eating three meals a day at specific times.

Exercise daily:

You must exercise daily, and sports will help you burn more calories

After that, lose weight faster, you do not have to go to the gym, you can watch a lot of videos on the Internet and try to train them.

Avoid soft drinks:

Research has shown that soft drinks increase body weight so they should be avoided.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet:

You should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and keep away from fried foods.

Vegetables and fruits contain high levels of fiber, water content and many essential nutrients to our body,

Many will help you feel full and take advantage of them too.

Reduce the size of the meal:

You cannot eat until you feel that your stomach will explode, but you have to eat enough energy.

Each time you try to reduce the amount of food, to reduce the size of the meal to get used to a small amount of food.

Get enough sleep:

You should get 8 hours of sleep a day, which helps to sleep properly in the metabolism and fat burning and thus helps you lose weight.

Add protein to your food:

Protein-rich foods help build muscle.

Helps your body muscles burn fat, so you need to add a good dose of protein to your daily diet.

 full meals or 6 small meals:

Remember that you should divide food well between meals, taking into account the amount of calories you consume.

Eat 3 full meals and do not eat snacks or 6 small meals distributed throughout the day.

Avoid eating too much potatoes:

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and calories, so avoid eating too much during the diet.

Drink water before food:

Drink 2 cups of water before meals.

  Helps you fill in some space in your stomach, this can help you reduce your food intake.

Follow the diet plan:

If you follow a specific diet, do not deviate from it,

You will lose weight only if you adhere to the system and do not deviate from it.


If you follow these tips, it will help you lose weight quickly and safely,

You will get used to a healthy diet without effort.


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