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Headache causes and treatment methods

Headache causes and treatment methods


Headache One of the health problems complained by many whether adults or children due to various causes and factors

  There are reasons for suffering a person from satisfactory problems such as brain diseases, malnutrition problems,

As well as patients with chronic diseases such as stress and diabetes, and are more prone to the occurrence and frequency of headaches.

There are different types of headaches vary depending on the cause, and are determined by the type of pain and where it is located in the head as follows:

Normal headaches:

It is a severe pain that involves all parts of the head.

The pain is concentrated in a specific place in the head depending on the type of health problem causing the headache.

  Such as the presence of pain in the middle of the head or the pain of the front and eyes or the occurrence of pain in the area of another head.

migraine headaches:

Migraines differ from normal headaches in terms of symptoms and causes.

Migraine is severe pain on either side of the head, either from the right or left side starting from the middle of the head.

Migraine Symptoms:

  • The inability to see things clearly and the appearance of light flashes in the eye.

  • The pace of the heartbeat is noticeable.

  • Inability to speak.

  • Pain in one side of the head.

Psychological headaches:

Poor mental state is one of the most important causes of headaches

Which makes the person feel the pressure on the head feeling the pulse of the head.

Sinus headache:

Sinusitis is one of the causes of headaches.

The headaches caused by sinusitis usually occur in the form of severe pain concentrated in the area of the nose, eyes and hips.

Sinusitis is one of the causes and recurrence of headaches due to sinus dysfunction,

  Such as moisturizing the nose, ventilating the skull and reducing the weight of the head, increasing the chances of frequent headaches due to non-ventilation of the skull.

Anemia headache:

The quality of foods eaten by a person plays a role in increasing the chances of headaches.

  For example, a person’s dependence on eating some foods that do not contain enough vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the body.

  Iron deficiency is one of the causes of excessive headaches.

Tention headache:

This is the most common headache and appears when women often.

  It is characterized by a pain that resembles a “gang” around the head and lasts for several days, often depending on the stressors.

Cluster headaches:

is the strongest headache of all types.
suddenly comes on a daily basis and lasts for several weeks, then disappears for several months and returns again.
Cluster headache is characterized by very strong pain, runny nose, pain in the eyes and face.
It is more common among men of all ages.

The most important tests necessary to diagnose the causes of headaches:

  • Analyze the whole blood image to make sure that anemia causes headaches.

  • Perform a clinical examination at the bottom of the eye.

  • Perform a CT scan on the brain to verify the absence of a health problem in the brain,

and the recurrence of headache is one of the indicators of its occurrence.

Go to the nose and throat doctor to rule out sinus problems.

  • Measure the level of sugar and pressure in the blood to confirm the level of control in the body.

Treatment and means of prevention:

Most people with headaches are treated with painkillers.

According to the latest research, the most effective way to reduce headache is Chinese acupuncture.


It is also important to detoxify and strengthen the liver when needed.

  In general, the best and most effective headache treatment seems to be a natural and healthy lifestyle, which can reduce stress and thus reduce the risk of severe headaches.


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