About us

About us

The health site is interested in providing everything that concerns you about known diseases and also how to deal with them and we at the Peekerhealth site provide all the answers to the important questions about the prevalent diseases whether seasonal or other

We found In PeekerHealth 7 categories they are :

Disease prevention

Come here to the Beckerhealth website, where you will learn about all the ways to prevent medical and natural diseases.

For a healthy, vital and disease-free body, disease prevention is essential to prevent disease. Here you will find the necessary prevention methods in your daily life.

How to prevent all the family and protect the body from diseases and viruses that surround us.

also We must prevent diseases that surround us, every day we are at risk of spreading diseases everywhere.

For a healthy body, it must be protected by preventive methods that protect us against diseases such as gastrointestinal, respiratory, heart and arterial diseases.

Also prevention of skin diseases, hair and body.

We are also concerned here with the prevention of diseases affecting womn and children.

Putting the prevention points in a simple and easy way is easy for you to get information without making time and effort

Drug abuse and addiction

You will learn what is new in drug abuse and addiction prevention and treatment methods in our peekerhealth.

Here we identify in our site all kinds of drugs and methods of treatment and prevention.

Also raises the problem of drug abuse and its impact on the individual and society.

The relationship of addiction and crime and how addiction affects human health and mind.

We also recognize here on our peekerhealth on how to treat the most addictive methods available and diagnose the disease.

And on addictive diseases such as stroke, brain damage, nervous system diseases and many other diseases.

Drug abuse and addiction have become rampant in the world for our peekerhealth site that works on the necessary awareness against the addictive and the risks that result from it.

And identify the causes of addiction and symptoms and complications and methods of prevention and treatment.

Health care

You will find all you need about child and adult health care at the peekerhealth site.

Here in health-care we will provide many important topics about health to get a healthy, vibrant and active body.

Also concerned with the health of all body members such as:

Health of the digestive system, respiratory system as well

The nervous system, blood, arteries and nerves.

We also take care of the diseases of obesity in terms of damage to obesity and methods of treatment, and how to prevent it because obesity is one of the biggest problems common in this age.

we also care about healthy food and its effects on the human body and all ages.

And diseases related to children in terms of diseases that affect children and how to treat them and ways to prevent them to avoid complications of the disease.

health news

All health news for adults and children will be found on our Beckerhill website.
 We will offer many topics that are concerned with health issues, diseases and epidemics.
We also address the most important news and health issues in the whole world, for example:
The epidemics prevalent in some countries, and the efforts of States to combat these epidemics
Find out what scientists have reached in the development of treatments and medications.
Also here is a new information about child and family health,
And learn the latest news about healthy feeding methods for adults and young people.
Follow up the latest news of diseases that have emerged in recent times and how to prevent them,
And what medicine has achieved in the treatment of these common diseases.

How to be healthy

You will learn about the most important tips that will be healthy in the peekerhealth.
How to be healthy Here there are many topics that concern the health of the child and the family.
Also get all the tips and instructions such as:
Tips on hair care and knowledge of diseases that affect hair and how to treat and prevent.
Also guidance and tips on the skin of all kinds, selfish, dry, regular and complex,
And the latest recipes and masks of the skin useful and new.
Here we will also know how to take care of my body’s health and maintain it for a healthy, disease-free body.
Here too you will learn about the latest diets, and how to avoid obesity
And follow the steps necessary to get a healthy and lean body.
In our website you will find all the health issues you need and get the information you need daily in your life.


There is no doubt that psychological health is an integral part of public health. If mental health is deteriorating, it will also affect the human condition in general.
In our peekerhealth you will learn all about mental health, and learn about the mental illnesses experienced by children and adults such as depression and anxiety.
Autism and epilepsy types and methods of treatment and correct ways to deal with the patient.
Also psychological diseases for the elderly and how to deal with them from the psychological side.
We will also learn about all kinds of mental disorders that many people suffer from,
We learn how to prevent and treat these diseases.
Here in mental health we support all individuals suffering from mental illnesses and disorders, and provide them with the most important information to benefit them with ease.

Virus infection

Virus infections occur as a result of viruses. While the bacterial infection occurs as a result of the bacteria here, we will know the difference between them clearly in the peekerhealth site.
Viruses and bacteria are very widespread in our environment,
Therefore, we must take due care to prevent infection and non-disease.
Here we ask you all the topics related to viruses in terms of:
Diseases caused by viruses.
Symptoms of diseases and methods of prevention and how to treat.
We will also know what viruses are and what treatment is appropriate for each type.
We will also show common and infectious diseases such as winter illnesses such as cold, cold, flu, and how to treat and prevent.
Viral diseases and bacterial infections are suffered by many people, so you will find here all you are looking for about these viruses.