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How to treat sweating and various causes of sweating

How to treat sweating and various causes of sweating

To know the causes of sweating and then how to treat sweating, it is necessary to know what is sweating.

Sweating is a very natural thing the body uses to regulate its temperature.

The body uses sweat to secrete a group of homogeneous neural systems.

But this natural phenomenon becomes annoying and embarrassing when it is excessive and severe.

Many people suffer from excessive or severe sweating and in different parts of the body.

And not just under the armpit, but for example the soles of the hands and face in addition to the pelvic area.

And usually appear this phenomenon since childhood and continue with the person if not treated for life.

So here we will address the most important causes of sweating.

With the aim of trying to avoid or mitigate them and thus mitigate this phenomenon.

The main causes of sweating


  • Excessive production of certain hormones

Specifically hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

  • Some diseases

Specifically endocrine-related diseases, such as endocrine glands.

  • Treat some diseases

Sometimes a cancer patient can get rid of his illness.

He begins to look for a treatment for severe sweating that will be exposed to him in the next stage.

Specifically prostate cancer.

  • Psychological disorders

There are a lot of people who sweat when they are afraid or worried.

Or are subjected to a sharp wave of anger.

  • Other problems

For example, when a person makes a great effort, he can sweat profusely.

Or when accompanied by fever.

For women, they are more likely to get sweating when the menstrual cycle is interrupted.

As a result of the disorder of their hormones.

Places of sweating

It varies from place to place in the following form

  • For facial sweating starts to appear on the front of the head and then spread to the rest of the face.
  • As for the sweat on the soles or the palm of the hands.
  • It is cold and the person feels damp in his hands.
  • And lead to a sense of embarrassment.
  • The result of the inability to shake hands with others.
  • As well as sweating area under the armpit, the most widespread and embarrassing.
  • They leave a mark to be a wet spot with a smell often.
  • The most common cases of excessive sweating occur in both men.
  • So that between the fingers and thighs.

How to treat sweating

Usually using natural materials and recipes, notably the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar

It helps to alleviate this phenomenon. Because it controls the pH of the body, it is used by scanning the area most exposed to it.

Or take it in the form of a mixture with honey daily.

  • Baking soda

Because it contains a range of natural antibodies that absorb body moisture.

Helps relieve sweat and give a nice smell to the body as well.

It can be used by mixing it with water to produce a paste and then place it on the affected area.

  • Silvia officinalis

Salvia officinalis also helps relieve sweat.

Because it reduces the number of thyroid glands that secrete sweat,

and it is rich in a group of nutrients that control and control the activity of these glands.

It can be boiled in water and consumed to achieve this purpose.


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