c virus

Virus C treatment prices

Virus C ( HCV ) is a viral infection, or through the body’s production of antibodies to the liver tissue.

Hepatitis can occur as a result of taking a lot of medications, toxins or alcohol.

Direct contact between body fluids helps to transmit infection,

or through the use of contaminated syringes.

It’s not easy to cure a virus if he destroys the liver.

HCV causes many diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and hepatitis.


Firstly, Symptoms of c virus

The patient does not show symptoms and is at the beginning of the disease and if it appears mild symptoms such as:

  •  General fatigue.

  •  Yellowing of the eye and skin color.

  •  Anorexia.

  •  Nausea and vomiting.

  •  Low temperature height.

  •  Abdominal pain.

  •  Catch.

  •  Lack of concentration and mood disorder.

  •  Always feeling sleepy.


Secondly, Causes of morbidity

The disease is caused by the transmission of blood contaminated by

the disease to the person through the use of a blood-contaminated syringe that spreads among drug addicts

or through sexual intercourse with the patient.


Modern ways to cure C virus

No single drug helps to treat HCV because it depends on the degree of cirrhosis,

and the treatment period can last from 8 to 24 weeks

if the degree of infection is significant, and sometimes lasts for 12 weeks only and this is called viral response.

Some medications used to treat C virus:


This drug is used to treat C-Class III virus and is taken in tablet form once a day next to another drug called Suphospoin.

It has a side effect of feeling tired and headaches and sometimes slows down the heart rate.