Diabetes treatment

Coexistence with diabetes

Diabetes is an increase in blood glucose,

where glucose is an important source of energy for the cells that make up muscles and tissues.

Glucose enters the body through insulin produced by the pancreas,

if there is a defect in the process that shows diabetes.


Types of Diabetes

  • Type I :

Is the pancreas not releasing insulin or releasing a small amount of it.

  • Type II :

This type is more prevalent as it occurs for adults

when the pancreas releases an insufficient amount of insulin or when the cells begin to resist insulin.

Glucose in the body causes a lot of damage to the body so it is important to maintain body weight,

proper nutrition and regular exercise so that diabetes is not diagnosed.

Symptoms of diabetes

  • Always feeling thirsty.

  • Frequent urination.

  • Feeling very hungry.

  • Unjustified weight loss.

  • The inability to see clearly.

  • Feeling always tired.

  • Healing wounds Slowly.

  • Recurrent infections such as gum, skin and vagina infection.


Diabetes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones that help the pregnancy,

but these hormones resist insulin and the more the placenta grows,

the greater the number of hormones, the harder it is to do insulin.

In natural conditions, the pancreas releases larger amounts of insulin to overcome this resistance,

but in the end the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient quantity,

a small amount of glucose reaches the cells while a large amount of blood circulation,

leading to the incidence of diabetes.