Flu Symptoms

Flu and cold treatments


              Flu is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract on the nose, throat and lungs.

The difference between flu and cold:


When you wake up with such as sneezing, coughing or even fever, you can not move the muscles, you are at a los

          Do you suffer from cold or flu?

You should know the difference between cold symptoms and flu symptoms.

Cold symptoms:


Cold is a milder respiratory disease, while cold symptoms can make you feel sick for a few days,

while flu symptoms stretch from a few days to weeks,

make you feel very hurt, and can cause serious health problems such as pneumonia and hospitalization.

Cold symptoms usually start with a sore throat, which usually disappears after a day or two

 Runny nose with coughing on the fourth and fifth days

Fever is not common in adults, but mild fever and children are more likely to have fever with cold.