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Be familiar with all about viral hepatitis A

Be familiar with all about Viral Hepatitis A

You should be familiar with all about hepatitis A.

In terms of symptoms of hepatitis A,

prevention of hepatitis A, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis A.

Because Hepatitis A is considered a viral liver disease which

transmitted from ingestion of contaminated food and water or contact with a person who infectious directly. it can be mild to a

dangerous illness.

There are a small proportion of people may die from

fulminant hepatitis but most of the people recover

fully from that disease with lifelong immunity.

Symptoms of hepatitis A

Symptoms of hepatitis A may be in a range through mild to severe,


Loss of appetite




Abdominal discomfort



Dark-colored urine

Whites of the eyes

Not Appear these symptoms to all people.symptoms to adults effects are

more different than children. symptoms with

children under six years don’t usually appear 

but a few of them may develop jaundice.

Hepatitis A may relapse in sometimes which a person who recovered

of it,  and may fall sick again.

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Prevention of hepatitis A

to prevention from hepatitis A, You must do the next

following: Using good hygiene by caring for personal hygiene

especially hand washing.

Follow a healthy diet.

Should exclude any person who injured hepatitis A From many

places such as school, preschool, childcare.

Start work after 7 days from the onset of jaundice or start work

after 2 weeks from the onset of illness.

Caring about take immunization against hepatitis A.

Diagnosis of hepatitis A

Diagnosis is done by using blood tests for search about the signs

which private of hepatitis in the body.

From your arm takes a sample of blood in a vain. after that, this sample

sends to a laboratory for testing.

if you feel of one or more from any symptoms. This makes 

the doctor suspect you have hepatitis. so the diagnosis will accept or not 

after doing some blood tests such as :

1-immunoglobulin M antibodies (IgM) antibodies stays in

 your bloodstream about three to six months. and your body starts to

make these when you exposed to hepatitis A for the first time.

2- immunoglobulin G antibodies (IgG) appear after being the virus

in your body for a while.

if the result of the tests is positive for all antibodies tests but not for 

IgM antibodies, this refers to you had a hepatitis A in the past.

Treatment of hepatitis A

Until now, no specific treatment for hepatitis A and the recovery from

symptoms which after infection and it may take a lot of weeks or months.

Importantly, unnecessary medications should be avoidance.

in some times, the hospitalization is not necessary for the case of 

 acute liver failure.

Drugs and therapy are caused for save comfort and adequate

nutritional balance and it also replaced the fluids which lost from

diarrhea and vomiting.

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